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Hello and Thank you for stopping by my fundraising page!

This year I have entered the HACKNEY HALF MARATHON alongside some of my friends and colleagues from the Arcola Theatre.

You might be able to tell from my pictures that this will not be my first ever race. Actually it will be my THIRD!

Do I like running? - No.

Do I like theatre and raising money for worthy causes? - You betcha!

I grew up in Northern Ireland as a painfully shy kid. An expert in floorboards because I never lifted my head up when I went anywhere. But I loved being on stage. Despite the bright lights and the audience watching, I wouldn't mind because I'd be pretending to be somone else, telling someone elses story. I went to a tap dancing class in an old community hall, with a cassette player for accompaniment in borrowed leotards. My first ever role, aged 8, as a shy robot was met with rave reviews from my parents. Since then, things have changed. I finished my drama school training, moved to London and haven't looked back.

All young people deserve a chance to fulfil their dreams and become the best version of themselves. The Arcola theatre are raising funds to create 20 fully funded bursaries for young people aged 9 - 20 years old, to take part in the Arcola Youth Theatre Sessions.

Please donate generously to our team of 5 staff from the Arcola and members of our community, who are running to support the Arcola Youth Theatre!

Thank you so much! Kx

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Arcola Theatre is running the Hackney Half

***PAGE UPDATE*** They did it! On Sunday 20th May our team collectively ran 65 miles in support of the Arcola young people's programmes. Thanks to each one of you who donated here, supported and cheered them up throughout their challenge. We have now funded 16 out of the ...

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