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I am Max Davey and I am here to raise money for the Arcola Youth Theatre charity. I believe it is very important that more potential creatives from underprivileged backgrounds are given the opportunity, in a difficult climate, to showcase their talent and thrive in the competitive world of theatre and performance. The theatre can offer many benefits to those involved and the wider community. This has been well-documented from Shakespeare to now. Drama helps to develop cooperation, concentration, self-confidence, empathy and is a positive outlet for physical energy. It boosts literacy, vocabulary and communication. All this is important for a harmonious society.

I was born and raised in North London. I have recently graduated as an MA student and am now an actor. I also recently began my own start-up theatre company, Metamorph Theatre, which supports the new writing and talent of theatre creatives by granting them cameo performances.

I appreciate that I would not have had the opportunities life has offered me without the support of various key organisations and people. My relationship with the Arcola Theatre began three years ago when it gave me the chance to work with their in-house producer and now I continue my involvement with them in various roles. It is a fantastic organisation to work for and I am hugely grateful to them for being one of the key factors in my introduction to London theatre and increasing my practical and creative knowledge of this world.

Last year to counteract the intensive training I received as an MA student at the Drama Centre London I took up running. Now I can't wait to up the ante, train hard and achieve my first half Marathon. Please support me in raising money in this cause which will benefit young people and through this, the wider community.

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I am looking forward to running to help support equal opportunity and open up new worlds to the talented who might otherwise not achieve their full potential.

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***PAGE UPDATE*** They did it! On Sunday 20th May our team collectively ran 65 miles in support of the Arcola young people's programmes. Thanks to each one of you who donated here, supported and cheered them up throughout their challenge. We have now funded 16 out of the ...

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