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As you know already, I am no athlete but somehow keep agreeing (usually over a pint) to mad physical feats to support amazing charities and projects...

So following the 100km walk in 2016, this year I am running the Hackney Half Marathon.

So I am putting my body through all kinds of torture (I don't even run for a bus) to support the Youth Programme at Arcola. As most of you know, I spent the last five years working with these amazing young people, but access to the arts isn't always an option. Even with low fees, many young people and families in Hackney do not have the financial resource to be to take part... so that's where we all step in....

Please donate generously to support the Arcola Youth Theatre - with five of the staff we are running to fund 20 bursaries for 20 young people who wouldn't otherwise be able to take part. We are also joined by other members of the Arcola community and I hope we can celebrate theatre, Hackney and how lovely it is to come together, on 20th May (if I survive)...

Thanks everyone....!

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Arcola Theatre is running the Hackney Half

***PAGE UPDATE*** They did it! On Sunday 20th May our team collectively ran 65 miles in support of the Arcola young people's programmes. Thanks to each one of you who donated here, supported and cheered them up throughout their challenge. We have now funded 16 out of the ...

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